A great picture of Nikil ;)

Hi! 👋 I'm Nikil!

You're probably here either because you were trying to go to Facebook but accidentally typed nikilster.com instead (in which case, here you go) or you're curious about me. In which case, here a bit about me:

I had the time of my life at Stanford doing my undergrad and masters in Computer Science with a focus on Artifical Intelligence. I build a lot of stuff for fun which has led me to a lot of funny situations - such as receiving a cease and desist from Southwest Airlines or going to the barbershop and seeing my face plastered on the front page of a bunch of newspapers).

I started a company that's on the quest to help you feel like you're always living with your friends, just like it was in college. One Sunday, for fun we built the Down To Lunch app which ended up being the #1 Social App / #2 Overall App in the App Store, was featured as the front page cover story on the New York Times business section, and is used by college students and high schoolers around the world.

People tell us that our life is basically HBO's Silicon Valley - but even more ridiculous. Everything from creating a Silicon Valley hacker house, to putting our phone number in DTL and getting 5000 text messages a day from random people around the world (had to get the CEO of Apple to fix our phones), to being honored as part of the Forbes 30 Under 30. Life is pretty crazy, a lot of hard work, and a ton of fun!

Lots more to say - will add more soon! Have a fantastic day and enjoy checking out the other stuff on my site!

- Nikil 😄

Also we're almost always hiring so if you're interested in working with us or just wanna say hi, hit me up:

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